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I learn writing number

A hearing visual verbal method

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I learn writing number is an app to help children write numbers with ease, available on iPhone/iPad and Android.

It offers novel visual and audio help designed to help children.

This writing method has already been quite succesfull in its cursive writing version.

This method brings children to acquire a more fluid, effective writing with what is taught in class.


Written with the help of OT, this app :

  • learn the basic strokes of writing numbers (bridge, round) by associating a name and a color.
  • combines the basic shapes to form the numbers. The child makes the connection between the base shapes and the gesture he must achieve to write the number.
  • Offer your child a visual learning (through color plots that are found in the numbers), auditory and verbal naming the sequence of strokes and kinesthetic controlling the direction of drawing the number when he finishes it.
  • a coloured frame, available in each screen, helping the child to orient itself : blue on top for the sky, brow at the bottom for the ground, green for the green light (start), red for the red light (end).
shape-pont-endroit+slanted line shape+shape-trait-couche=shape-2

Progressive learning

Basic shapes

First, the child train on basic shapes, to learn the right gesture. Those shapes have distinctive colors helping memorization.

A six with visual aid

Then the child chain the learned gesture to draw a number. The background color of the numbers are the same as the one in the shapes learned before.

A six with no visual aid

Finaly the child do the right gesture with no visual help, only the outline of the number are colored like the basic shapes.

Visual and Audio clues

Green Light

The green light indicates where the child has to start drawning, while the red light indicates the end.

Drawning control

Drawning direction control, so the gesture is the one taught in class.

Display success

The child can see it's own writing once he finish succesfully a drawning.

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  • A lesson mode giving a visual and audio explanation of the way to draw a number.
  • A padlock to work on one number, avoiding the app to change number by itself.
  • An educational order (numbers are grouped by similarities), you can revert it to alphabetic order if you need to.

And more...

  • The name and sound of each number is spoken for your kid to associate it to the numbers.
  • An explaning video teaching the method to the child: coloured frame, basic shapes building etc...
  • The app speaks French & English (with specific numbers for each country)


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